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About Paul Shaffer's Day in Rock:

Paul Shaffer's Day in Rock illustrates the daily history of rock according to longtime David Letterman musical director and sidekick Paul Shaffer. The daily vignette draws on Shaffer’s vast musical knowledge and ability to comment on the history of rock from his unique perspective.

On this website, we'll share rock history moments and memories together. You'll find all sorts of rock and roll fun to be had here on the Paul Shaffer's Day in Rock website, and we're looking for your thoughts, feedback, and rock and roll tidbits as well!

The website will be your forum to talk to us, and you can feel free to let your inner rock historian come out and play here at Paul Shaffer's Day in Rock.

Paul interviews Dave Davies of the Kinks!

Paul spoke with the legendary Dave Davies. Hear the interview by clicking here!

Jimmy Page chats with Paul!

Paul recently had the opportunity to interview legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page about the expanded reissues of Presence, In Through The Out Door and Coda which are available in stores now!

Listen to the full interview with Jimmy via this link.

Paul interviews Joe Elliott of Def Leppard!

Paul recently spoke with Joe Elliott of Def Leppard and you can hear the entire interview (including a great story about "Rock of Ages") right now by clicking here!

Paul interviews Tony Banks of Genesis!

Paul spoke with Tony Banks about his new box set and also several of the fan favorites from the Genesis catalog.

Paul's glasses World-renowned bandleader Paul Shaffer spent over 30 years as David Letterman's musical director and sidekick. Shaffer also logged five years with the original "Saturday Night Live," during which he played keyboards, composed special musical material, co-founded The Blues Brothers, and was a featured performer (which included his unforgettable Don Kirshner impression). Shaffer composed the LATE SHOW theme song and co-wrote the timeless classic “It’s Raining Men”, and has recorded with such diverse artists as Diana Ross, Yoko Ono and Robert Plant's Honeydrippers, in addition to his own albums, "Coast to Coast" (1989) and "The World's Most Dangerous Party" (1993.) He's appeared in numerous feature films, including "This Is Spinal Tap" and authored the best-selling memoir We'll Be Here For the Rest of Our Lives.

Paul Shaffer's Day in Rock is a perfect benchmark feature that can be programmed throughout the day, and offers unique sponsorship opportunities for radio stations that are looking to add informative programming to their lineup.

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